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About Paramount Sleep

Paramount Sleep is an 80-year-old, third-generation, family-owned mattress manufacturer based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Our handcrafted mattress brands, available at many of the top retailers in the country, are designed to meet your sleep and lifestyle needs.

Dr. James Maas, retired Cornell University professor and the author of Sleep to Win!, Sleep for Success! and The New York Times Best Seller Power Sleep!, serves as the Paramount Sleep spokesperson. We believe better education and awareness of the importance of sleep will result in a better life for our customers.

Paramount Sleep is proud to supply the United States military at home and abroad. We are not only designed and made in America; we use only American-made components and suppliers when available. Paramount Sleep is the only mattress manufacturer to be Made in USA Certified®.

A Company of True “Bedding People”

Paramount is built upon a family legacy of integrity, innovation and craftsmanship. The company was founded in 1933, when Harry and Morris Comess decided to help their younger brother, Max, buy the assets of a defunct mattress company at the height of the Great Depression. Because of Max’s vision of hard work, a quality product and honest treatment of people, he could succeed when most others around him were failing.

Max opened his firm in the basement of the Comess Furniture Store in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. In 1936, Max had another family member join the company, Morris’ brother-in-law and seasoned salesman at Norfolk Mattress Co., Albert Diamonstein. Albert’s beliefs that “if you want your business to grow, you’ve got to grow with it,” and “the world doesn’t stand still, and people want to buy what’s new,” fueled Paramount’s drive to stay ahead of the competition and consistently deliver better bedding solutions. Together, Albert and Max quickly built a roster of satisfied clientele.

Over the course of its 80-year history, Paramount has survived the outbreak of World War II, enjoyed the post-war boom of 1945, served our country in Korea, expanded into a new, larger factory in Norfolk and witnessed many fluctuations in the national economy. Business kept growing, as did the Diamonstein family’s involvement.  In 1953 Arthur Diamonstein, a Korean War veteran, joined the company and, in the mid-eighties, his son Richard came on board.

Today, we stand as the premier supplier of high-quality mattress systems. And by sticking to our original principles founded way back in 1933, we’ll continue to lead our industry well into the future.

Paramount Sleep is a division of Paramount Industrial Companies, Inc., based in Norfolk, Virginia, and is not affiliated with Paramount Mattress or Paramount Bedding.

Paramount Sleep is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is rated A+. The company also is a member of International Sleep Products Association, the Better Sleep Council and the Virginia Hotel and Motel Association.

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