Australian Craftsmanship Available in the States!

For more than 100 years Australia’s A.H. Beard has been the premier supplier of best-in-class luxury mattresses throughout the world. That same luxury bed is available in the U.S. When you sleep on an A.H. Beard high-end mattress system, you can rest assured that we have put all of our attention and care into every last stitch.

Expertly upholstered in silk and organic, exotic wools with full outer tufting, A.H. Beard is the ultimate luxury mattress. The Autograph Collection features premium memory foam, latex and the advanced “Joey” innerspring system which deliver luxurious comfort and near-total freedom from motion transfer disturbance.  And experience the extravagance and quality of A.H. Beard at an amazing price with the Classic Collection, featuring the foam encased zoned Quantis Coil and quilted latex in the lumbar area.

Key Features

Advanced “Joey Coil” Innerspring System
The Joey is named for the kangaroo—an Australian Icon—and its exclusive pouch design. With up to 977* coil-in-coil pocket springs, this advanced “Joey Coil” innerspring system is incredibly responsive for precise support and luxurious comfort. The outer coil provides comfort and reduces motion transfer, while the inner coil provides deep-down support where you need it the most.
*Queen Size

Premium Foam and Latex
A.H. Beard beds are upholstered with multiple layers of premium latex and foam to offer superior pressure relief and orthopedic support, head-to-toe.

Quilted Latex Support Lumbar
14 ILD plush natural latex in the lumbar area provides extra support where you need it most: the center third of your body.

Naturally Cooling Quilting Fibers
We use the finest natural wools, from New Zealand sheep to luxury Joma and Alpaca, to help control temperature, wick away moisture and provide comfort on the sleep surface.

Full Outer Compression Tufting
A hallmark of quality premium mattress systems, handcrafted, full outer-tufting secures the upholstery layers to prevent shifting and minimize body impressions.

A.H. Beard Classic Collection!
The Classic Collection, made with the zoned Quantis pocket spring design and quilted with the natural silk and wool fiber and a plush latex in the lumbar area, will provide magnificent sleep at a truly unbelievable value.


I waited to make this review because we have purchased other mattresses in the past and after a few weeks they changed in feel. This mattress has given us many great nights of comfortable sleep and has not changed in feel. It is built so well and definitely worth the money. Now my Mom has one and loves it.

—Charles, Asheville, NC

Best night’s sleep in a while.  Very comfortable!


“I received my awesome new A.H. Beard mattress that is allowing me to sleep like a baby!  Thank you for all that you did to make this transaction possible.  I had the most amazing retail experience that I will continue to share with all customers that care to listen.”

—Kathy Houston, A customer of The Dump Texas

“We feel the product shows extremely well in the detail and tailoring of the final product. Overall, the value and quality for the money in all of the Paramount Sleep beds will beat any of the big name brands on our floor. Our customers and salespeople can easily see why Paramount Sleep is one of the best-selling beds on our floor.”

—Bill Gaines, owner, Mattress Corner

“Paramount Sleep exemplifies quality by manufacturing their sleep products in the U.S.A. with superior component parts and exemplifies value by hitting important price points throughout their lines. When you bring in their high level of manufacturing consistency and professionalism throughout the company, you have a product and a story that is unparalleled in the bedding industry.”

—Ricky Christian, Owner, Esprit Décor


“Best bedding company ever. The last bedding set I bought was made by this company. Awesome quality.”

—Melissa Harden, Customer