Better sleep leads to better performance!

Active lifestyles and fitness must be balanced with proper rest. Paramount Sleep’s Back Performance® FE collection features ergonomic designs for those who are active for life.

The FE, or Foam Encased, Collection is built with the nested and zoned Back Performance Coil System that is flexible and sensitive to the body contours.  The foam encasement delivers a durable, comfortable seating edge and 20% more sleeping area for years of comfort.

Each Back Performance model is Doctor Certified by Dr. James Maas, renowned Sleep Doctor and Expert.

Doctor Certified

Key Features

FE Back Performance Coil System
Made with the best nested innerspring system available! This innerspring system is zoned to provide more support where you need it.  The increased flexibility and sensitivity to body contours combined with the no-coil free feel make the Back Performance innerspring system more comfortable.

Foam Encasement
Foam encasement combines 7 components to permanently seal and encase the innerspring 360 degrees to deliver a durable, comfortable seating edge and 20% more sleeping area for years of comfort.

HD Comfort & Support Foams
High Density comfort and support foams provide a luxurious “feel,” long-lasting comfort, support and durability.


“We have received many compliments on how comfortable your mattresses are.  We have your mattresses in three of our cabins, and two in our new apartments.  We are very pleased to have your mattresses at our resort!”

—Forrest and Ericka Parson, Hungry Jack Lodge

“We are a 65-year-old family furniture business. I have been involved in the store for 45 of those years. We have sold all the ‘S’ brands and the ‘R’ and ‘K’ brands over the history of our business. I can honestly say Paramount Sleep is the best-looking and feeling bedding we have ever sold, regardless of price!”

—Pete McCoy, President, McCoy Furniture Co.

“I recently changed from a competitor’s mattress to a Back Performance from Paramount.  It took about a week to adjust to the feel, but now I wouldn’t change it for anything.  It is the perfect night’s sleep.  I would definitely recommend to all of my family and friends to make the change.  It will change the way you sleep.”

—Drew Rivers, Rooms Unlimited

“I have been in the furniture business for 32 years and Paramount is a company that from our rep to their product has been one of the best I’ve dealt with.  We will continue to increase our bedding slots with their product.  Our customers love the product too!”

—Ronald Martin, Sleep Source