Better sleep leads to better performance!

Active lifestyles and fitness must be balanced with proper rest. Paramount Sleep’s Back Performance® collection features zoned ergonomic designs in three different collections (FE, MX Gel and PS) for those who are active for life.

The Back Performance® Collections are naturally cool, quilted with luxurious knits treated with a Thermo Gel finish, which is designed to keep you fresh and cool all night long.

These mattress systems also feature ergonomic, five-zone support and high-density memory foams that adjust to individual body weight and mold to your unique shape, virtually ending tossing and turning. Ergonomic coils respond to every movement, and the special encasement adds stability and 20% more sleeping space.

Back Performance® keeps it cool with “Cool Sleep Technology” featured in the Back Performance® Gel mattress collection—the same supportive gel found in performance athletic products is now available in your Back Performance® Gel mattress.

Key Features

Back Performance FE
Back Performance® FE
with premium foam encasement

This support mattress features the advanced, progressive-rate Back Performance® coil design paired with a foam encasement to deliver incredible support, a great seating edge and enduring stability, while eliminating edge roll-off. Interconnected spring rows and helical wires sewn head-to-foot assure balanced support and minimize motion transfer and partner disturbance.

Back Performance® MX Gel
with Cooling Gel Memory Foams

The introduction of Gel to Memory foam increases support for the body while maintaining the utmost level of comfort and a cool sleeping temperature.  Add layers of premium memory foam for the ultimate pressure relief and orthopedic support, head to toe.  Memory foam also provides the greatest level of motion separation and conformability.

Back Performance® PS
with pocket spring technology

Tempered-steel coils encased in individual pockets of high-quality, high-density fabric deliver long-lasting pressure relief that conforms to the individual contours of your body. The coils are preloaded for enhanced resilience and are arranged in strands running head-to-toe for reduced motion transfer and partner disturbance. The advanced foam-encased edge design also yields 20% more sleeping surface and greater overall stability and comfort.


“We started doing business with Paramount Sleep in the mid-eighties. In all those years the model names and labels have changed, and we have worked with many reps. However, the one constant has been Paramount’s commitment to help us provide an honest-to-goodness sleep product to our customers. Their unique and comprehensive line-up appeals to a wide cross-section of consumers.”

—Farid Eimen, Owner, Little Homestead

“Paramount offers great quality and equally great service.”

—Kenneth Brodstewe, The Dump, Oaks, Pennsylvania

“I had no idea what a great night’s sleep on a Back Performance® FE could do for me.”

—Jeff King,  the four-time Iditarod champion who is widely recognized as the “Winningest Musher in the World,” is spokesperson for the Back Performance® collection.