Exquisite hotel sleep, now in your home!

Nothing transports you away from the ordinary like the comfort of a superior bed at a luxury boutique hotel. Now you can indulge in that same exquisite sleep right in your own home.

Our Boutique Hotel™ luxury mattress system delivers a finely-tuned balance of luxury, comfort and support, thanks to advanced pocket-spring technology. Layers of premium zoned foam, memory foam and natural latex respond to your unique shape with pressure-relieving contact. And with minimum partner disturbance, you’ll enjoy a deep, restorative sleep that’ll leave you feeling like you’re on vacation.

The Boutique Hotel™ collection is featured at Hotel Mela, a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Times Square in New York City and 21C, a contemporary art museum and boutique hotel located in Louisville and Cincinnati. Look for the collection in more fine hotels in the near future!

Key Features

Pocket Springs
The secret to a Boutique Hotel™ mattress system’s support lies in the pocket springs, unmatched in their combination of conformance. Each coil acts independently to cradle your body and help relieve pressure for minimum partner disturbance.

Open Cell Memory Foam
A breathable layer or open cell memory foam provides more airflow than standard foams for cool, comfortable sleep.

Personalized Comfort Foams
Our ergonomic five-zone support and high-density memory foams adjust to individual body weight and mold to your unique shape for supremely personalized comfort. These foams also alleviate pressure points that cause tossing and turning, and help ensure deep, restful sleep.

Latex Lumbar
Naturally resilient latex lumbar lifts and supports the small of your back to help alleviate pain. It provides more support to the heaviest part of your body and reduces body impressions.

Naturally Cool
Every Boutique Hotel™ mattress is quilted with natural rayon fiber combined with a silk and wool blend.


“We have received many compliments on how comfortable your mattresses are.  We have your mattresses in three of our cabins, and two in our new apartments.  We are very pleased to have your mattresses at our resort!”

—Forrest and Ericka Parson, Hungry Jack Lodge

“We are a 65-year-old family furniture business. I have been involved in the store for 45 of those years. We have sold all the ‘S’ brands and the ‘R’ and ‘K’ brands over the history of our business. I can honestly say Paramount Sleep is the best-looking and feeling bedding we have ever sold, regardless of price!”

—Pete McCoy, President, McCoy Furniture Co.

“We have had your product on our sales floor for the past eight months and wanted to let you know it has been a great addition. The product has been well-received by our customers and continues to sell well. The service from Paramount has been excellent and product quality has been consistent.”

—Jack DeMill, RC Willey

“I have been in the furniture business for 32 years and Paramount is a company that from our rep to their product has been one of the best I’ve dealt with.  We will continue to increase our bedding slots with their product.  Our customers love the product too!”

—Ronald Martin, Sleep Source