GoodNite Kids

A kid’s mattress designed for your most important asset!

For your child’s wellbeing, a good night’s rest is second to none, but the effect a mattress can have on getting kids to sleep can be overlooked.

GoodNite® mattress systems are designed to satisfy the unique needs of young bodies and make a real difference in their health. As children continue to grow and face more pressures in their daily lives, they need a mattress that can provide truly restorative sleep.

Healthy sleep positively affects neurological development and can be a great help in preventing many learning and behavioral problems. Children who sleep longer tend to have longer attention spans, and for ADHD children in particular, sleep progress has been found to dramatically improve peer relations and classroom performance.

Key Features

Utmost Support for Growing Bodies
New spring and foam technologies enable this mattress collection to be a specific fit to growing bodies.  The durable, adult-strength, innerspring support system provides multiple comfort layers for deep, relaxing sleep while the all foam mattresses offers great stability and durability.

New Low-Profile Spring Technology
The low-profile spring technology of the GoodNite® mattress is designed to adjust to increasing size and weight as your child grows for maximum support and quality sleep.

Every mattress meets Consumer Product Safety Commission Recommended Standards for use with bunk beds.



“Research tells us the key to a good night’s sleep and better tomorrow is to reduce stress and relax, and Paramount’s mattresses are the perfect way to prepare for the onset of sleep. The high-quality materials found in their product line help reduce pressure points and cradle the body in a personalized, conforming way for the ultimate in comfort and support.”

– Dr. James Maas, as featured in Furniture Today

“Partnering with a vendor who understands our reputation is crucial to our success. Paramount Sleep has been that vendor for us, truly partnering with us in all aspects of our business. Because of Paramount, we can be a “complete specialist” for our customers and confidently face the unique challenges that today’s retail market presents.”

—Jay Roberts, Owner, Roberts Furniture