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Foam encasement technology and a robust, heavy-duty wood foundation let you rest easy knowing that your HD Super Duty® mattress will perform soundly, night after night.

And comfort doesn’t take a back seat—our HD mattresses integrate an advanced support system with the finest comfort layers that mold to the shape of your body for proper spinal alignment and deep, rejuvenating sleep. Independent studies conducted on an HD mattress showed it will outperform its warranty for years of comfort and relief!

The highest-quality high-density foams are used throughout this mattress to consistently deliver reduced body impressions and cradle your body in a personalized, conforming layer for optimal comfort, making it the best mattress for back pain.  Each mattress also features the exclusive Tri-zoned Foam with Gel Memory and Poly foam designed to support the 3 zones of your body.

Our HD mattresses have been independently laboratory tested to ensure durability. We are so confident in their body impression tolerance that we back the collection with an exclusive 20-year warranty!

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Key features

12.5 Gauge Tempered Steel Coils
12.5 gauge tempered steel delivers the heaviest and strongest support system available in a mattress today. Designed for high performance, the exclusive 475-coil* construction and additional spring wire in the 6-turn coils ensure responsive, underlying support across the entire sleep surface.

*In queen-size beds. Coil count varies by bed size.

NEW! Tri-Zoned Foam with Gel Memory & Poly Foam!
An exclusive design by Paramount!  Gel memory foam adds pressure relief in the shoulder and knee areas as high density foam increases support in the center third.

Quilted Natural Silk & Wool Blend
Natural silk and wool fiber adds a layer of comfort to the quilt while wicking away moisture.

High Density, Quality Foams
Only the highest-quality foams are used throughout the entire mattress collection. Memory foam, gel memory foam, latex foam and high-density foam consistently deliver reduced body impressions and long comfort life. Most importantly, these high-quality materials reduce pressure points and cradle the body in a personalized, conforming layer for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Compression Tufted by Hand
Each HD Super Duty® mattress system is fully outer-tufted by hand, securing the upholstery layers to ensure that they will never settle or shift over time. Wool rosette button tufting ensures restful, quality sleep, night after night.

18-Slat Spruce Wood, Zoned Foundation
The extra-sturdy, Pennsylvania Amish, kiln-dried wood dowel-and-beam construction features three times the material found in ordinary mattress foundations. The 18-wood slat construction, additional center rail and increased edging all add up to superior stabilizing support and extended mattress life.

HD Super Duty Hybrid
heavy duty coils
The HD Super Duty Hybrid is a unique collection that combines the best of both worlds!  A HD Super Duty innerspring mattress is combined with a foam core and layers of pressure relieving memory foam.

Heavy Duty Mattress Reviews


“I just wanted to thank you for the best 7 months’ rest I’ve had in all my 45 years.  I’ve loved my HD Super Duty Logan since the day it arrived.  It is the perfect combination of firm and welcoming.  I recommended it to a friend at work, and she bought the same mattress and loves hers too!  She and I have very different body types, but we agree that it forms to your body perfectly.  When my son was home sick yesterday, he and I napped on and off in my bed and he commented about how comfortable it is too.  I will recommend you personally and Paramount’s bedding to anyone who asks!”

—Jennifer Worden, Norfolk, Virginia

“I love this mattress!. The HD mattress is the best mattress I have ever slept on in my life. It is truly an amazing product. I am a Captain at the San Diego Fire Department and need great sleep to have peak performance for my job as a fire fighter. The HD mattress provides the support that I need from a mattress.”

—Ken Barnes, San Diego, California

Derek Poundstone knows the importance of a solid night’s sleep. He has won five major Strongman contests, including the Arnold Schwarzennegger Classic, The World’s Strongest Man Super Series and in 2010, defended his title as America’s Strongest Man. Poundstone serves as a local police officer with the Naugatuck, Connecticut, Police Department and is spokesperson for the Heavy Duty line of beds.”

“If this mattress can support me, it can support anyone!”

—Derek Poundstone, America’s Strongest Man

“I have been selling Paramount for 3 years in Roberts Furniture & Mattress Store in Williamsburg, VA.  What I can say is you get a great product at a great price.  Can’t wait to get my new HD Mattress.  Thank you Paramount.”

-Michael Martin, Roberts Furniture & Mattress Store

“The (HD) Heavy Duty mattresses that Paramount Sleep sells are ‘problem free;’ the mattress is built to last.”

—Chuck Gore, Store Manager at The Dump, Houston, Texas

“For years, if not decades, I have prided myself on being able to awaken in the morning at any time without the aid of an alarm clock. That came to a screeching halt this morning. All I can remember was climbing into bed around 9:20 p.m. and BAM! it’s 6:12 a.m. What happened?! Paramount Sleep, that’s what. For the first time ever, I slept the entire night. No aches. No pains. No cracking. Not tired. This is the first weekday morning I didn’t drink a 5-hour energy drink. Tremendous product.”

—Evan Bloom, California, commenting on his new Heavy Duty mattress

“For the longest time I was never able to get a good, solid night of sleep. It was a constant struggle finding the right place on the mattress that wasn’t sagging or having springs in my back. Many sleepless nights and various mattress brands later, I finally found the mattress that I will stick with for life. The Paramount Heavy Duty mattress is like no other – no aches and pains in the morning, no rolling into your partner due to sagging or waking them up when you move, just great comfort and support. Amazing product that I would recommend to everyone.”

—Jim White, Owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios

“The HD Super Duty foam mattress series stands above the the competitors.  Best warranty in the business.”

—Doug Klinick, The Dump, Oaks, Pennsylvania

“We carry most of the HD models from Paramount, and we love the fact that they warranty is longer than most companies and that our customers feel better about the quality and durability. We had a customer drive from Fayetteville, Georgia just to buy an HD model because of the heavy duty nature of the mattress set.  The couple needed support and we have not heard a word from them about sagging issues in the past year.  You get what you pay for with these beds.”

—Rhonda Barnes, Mattress Overstock