Drift Through Gravity-Defying Sleep Every Night

Lift away the weight of the world with the iGravity Collection’s weightless sleep sensation. The combination of exotic foams with the iGravity Coil Chamber will keep you drifting through gravity-defying sleep every night.

The iGravity Weightless Coil, a European mini coil with 2000 points of body contact, acts as a comfort layer, conforming to your body to provide pressure relief to the areas that need it most.

A high density core ensures years of stability and durability, while layers of exotic foams, including latex and cooling gel memory foam, provide greater support and a cool sleep surface. The Air Core topper allows air to flow through the mattress, keeping it dry and cool.

With a 20-year warranty, the iGravity Collection will provide a weightless sleep sensation for years to come.



iGravity Weightless Coil
The European mini coil design instantly conforms to your body, providing pressure relief to the areas that need it most. The 1000 points of contact reduce body impressions while maintaining maximum support.

Exotic Foams
High density gel memory foam combined with Talalay latex provides greater support and a cooler sleeping environment.

High Density Foam Core
The high density, high performing soy core provides years of eco-friendly durability.

Air Core Topper
The Air Core topper provides extra support across the sleeping surface while allowing a more breathable night’s sleep.

Special Appointments
Modern construction with a designer super-stretch knit waterfall tick and a 20-year, one-inch standard warranty make this an exceptional mattress collection.



“As a manager, I try to provide the best when it comes to the mattresses we have in our showroom.  Each customer has different needs, and I believe that Paramount can satisfy these needs.”

–Larry Dunn, Rominger Southern Furniture Co.

“I not only sell Paramount Sleep products but also have slept on a Paramount mattress for the past four years. I sleep comfortably on what has proven to be a reliable product night after night. I can confidently say to customers that they are buying a superior mattress and a great night’s sleep.”

–Lynn Newcomer, The Dump, Houston, Texas

“Bedding from Paramount is truly a joy to sell! Paramount offers a product for every ‘body,’ and it is great to be able to say Made in the U.S.A.! Providing the customer with a quality product that is backed by a quality company makes our job a pleasure!”

—Beverly, Callaway Furniture