Natures Spa

Rejuvenate your body with a nightly, natural spa!

Luxuriate in the deep restorative sleep your body craves, while enjoying peace of mind knowing that the bed gently cradling you is made from natural latex using the Talalay process. All of our Nature’s Spa® eco-friendly mattress systems are designed for an ideal balance between comfort, support and pressure relief. Our Talalay mattress conforms instantly to your body’s unique shape, and its inherent resilience pushes back where your body requires support, providing more pressure relief than conventional foam mattress materials, without giving you a “sinking” feeling like other foam beds.

The soy-based Aircore lowers your carbon footprint while offering greater stability and durability than conventional foams. Rugged, yet comfortable handles are heavily reinforced for ease of positioning your green mattress.

Experience this collection while you are away from home. Nature’s Spa® is featured at Blackberry Farm, located in Tennessee in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Look for the collection in more boutique hotels and luxury resorts in the near future!

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Key Features

100% Natural Talalay Comfort Latex
A Talalay mattress is the ultimate in natural luxury. It has a plush feel that conforms instantly to embrace your body’s unique shape. The resilience of the latex distributes your body weight evenly, reducing the pressure that causes tossing and turning. Ideal for allergy sufferers, it is naturally clean, toxin-free, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Tri-Level Knit Fabric
Each Nature’s Spa® mattress is wrapped in an organic knit fabric quilted with natural fibers, such as silk, organic wool and natural FR rayon, to effectively wick away heat and moisture, and regulate sleep temperature.

Certified Organic Wool Fiber
Ideal for bedding, the certified organic wool mattress fibers help your body maintain a comfortable temperature, regardless of warm or cool sleeping conditions. It also wicks moisture away from your body and is naturally resistant to dust mites and mildew.

Airflow Core
At the heart of this plush natural product is the Airflow Core. It provides maximum breathability while resisting softening and body impressions.

10-Slat Wood, Zoned Foundation
Extra-sturdy, Pennsylvania Amish, kiln-dried wood dowel-and-beam construction is designed to handle extreme pressure and weight for maximum durability. This furniture-grade foundation is also made with minimum environmental impact using only wood supplied from managed forests.

Nature’s Spa PURE Gel®
Natural mineral based cooling gel technology is blended with 100% Natural Talalay latex to create the ultimate Nature’s Spa PURE Gel collection.  The high density of the gel evenly distributes pressure while the latex allows balanced ventilation.  A natural combination of cool comfort.

Nature’s Spa LUX®
The elasticity, healthiness and ability of 100% Natural Talalay latex to conform to the body, reducing pressure on muscles and circulation, is unsurpassed.  Nature’s Spa LUX, an all latex collection, is the ultimate choice for luxurious and healthy sleep.

Natures Spa Reviews


“The bed is incredible! The firmness and comfort level of the bed is perfect. Also, I can get out of bed without disturbing my fiancé. Thanks again for everything.”

-Colin Greening, Professional Hockey Player

“We just got our Nature’s Spa Pure Gel Charleston delivered with the adjustable base. WE LOVE this bed. It is truly an amazing product. We never knew we could sleep so great!  We wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized everyday. Thank you so much for a great mattress and more importantly a great night’s sleep!”

-Mike Rajewski, Sacramento, California

“The Mattress Place has partnered with Paramount Sleep for the past five years and finds Paramount to be the most committed mattress manufacturer in the industry. They provide a vast variety of the highest-quality products that customers demand in today’s market, including natural latex, memory foam, soy-based foams and innerspring mattresses, and they come with the longest warranty. With excellent product quality control and fast shipping to retailers, they really serve their customers.”

–Moeen Kahn, The Mattress Place, Richmond, Virginia

“I have never slept so well!  With the mountain air and the perfect Nature’s Spa beds at Blackberry Farm, I left my weekend getaway more refreshed and feeling younger than I have in years.”

–Blackberry Farm guest