choosing a mattress

How to Shop for and Choose the Right Mattress.

Where can I find your mattresses?
Email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to find the closest retailer in your area.

How do I know if I need a new mattress?
You should think about replacing your mattress when you begin to notice the quality of your sleep diminish. There is a strong correlation between quality of sleep and the quality of your mattress. To complete a simple mattress test, answer these 10 questions:

1. Does your mattress look worn or lumpy?
2. Does your mattress have “impressions”?
3. Is your mattress more than 10 years old?
4. Can you feel the springs?
5. Do you feel like you’re sleeping in a hole with little or no support?
6. Do you feel tired and irritable during the day?
7. Is your mattress keeping you awake at night?
8. Do you feel your partner move?
9. Are you falling off the edge and need to sleep in the center of the bed?
10. Has your body changed since you purchased your last new mattress?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you most likely need a new mattress.

My doctor told me to buy a “hard mattress.” Is that best for support?
Don’t confuse “hard” with supportive. When it comes to achieving the best sleep, pressure relief is just as important as support. The majority of Paramount mattresses will provide you with all the support you need. The key is finding the right level of pressure relief for your body’s shape and preferences.

Does my sleep position matter in buying a new mattress?
Your sleep position should factor into your choice of mattress. For example, a side sleeper will most likely desire a softer mattress to cushion the shoulder and hip area, while a stomach and back sleeper might prefer a slightly firmer sleep surface. To determine your own preference, lie down in your favorite sleeping position on different mattresses. Spend 15 to 20 minutes on each potential mattress to ensure you will be comfortable night after night.

What is the best way to shop for a mattress?
Shopping for a mattress is serious business and you should plan to spend a fair amount of time in the retail store to make sure you purchase the best mattress for you. We recommend that when you go shopping you wear comfortable clothes so that you may lie down on several different types of mattresses. Remember to try each mattress in several different sleep positions, and don’t hesitate to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes “test resting” on each mattress. After all, you want to make sure you find the best fit.

Why are there so many choices? Does buying a mattress have to be this confusing?
There are so many mattress choices because there are so many types of people with so many different needs. In many ways, mattresses are a custom fit for the individual. That’s why, at Paramount, we offer so many different styles.

When it comes to choosing the mattress that’s right for you, it’s important that you find the right mattress brand, the right retailer and the right sales consultant to help you in the decision-making process. Stay focused on what is important to you and what will best solve your sleep needs. If you do, finding the perfect mattress will become much easier.

How much should I spend for a good quality mattress?
Mattress prices can range from as little as $399 (for a queen) to thousands of dollars. This can make mattress shopping difficult, and it is why, at Paramount, we build the best possible mattresses at every price point. The ultimate goal is to find the best fit for your sleep needs and budget.

Traditionally, when you invest more money in your mattress, you receive a better sleep surface made of higher quality components (foams, coils, foundations, etc.). Remember, the mattress sleep set you purchase is an investment. You spend at least one third of your life sleeping (6 to 8 hours per night) and independent clinical research has shown that a quality mattress can contribute to your overall health and well-being. Although the initial purchase price can make mattresses seem expensive, a quality mattress is actually quite cost-effective when you consider the amount of time you’ll spend in bed and the positive, waking benefits a quality mattress provides.

How do I choose the best mattress for my child?
Studies have shown that sleep affects our bodies’ ability to retain information and to fight off illness. When choosing a mattress for your child, remember how important it is for them to get a good night’s sleep, and take into account that they are growing. Choose a mattress that’s not only good for today, but will be good for the next 5 to 10 years.

How about my guest room? How do I choose the right mattress?
We recommend that you find a mattress surface that is medium-firm in comfort. This will satisfy most guests. The other option is moving your old mattress into the guest room and buying a new mattress for yourself. Truly, it’s up to you and how comfortable you want your guests to be!

Should I be concerned as to where my bed is manufactured?
The biggest issue with foreign-manufactured products (particularly those from China) is a concept called “chain of custody.” Paramount mattresses and sleep products use all-American suppliers and components. Therefore, we can trace back any of our raw materials to a domestic supplier.

All of our foams also meet the CertiPUR-US® guidelines, and all of our products meet the national and federal fire-retardant safety guidelines of FR1633.

When you buy a Paramount mattress, you not only know you’re buying a product made by Americans for Americans, but you know your purchase is safe to sleep on. Buying Paramount Sleep products helps keep jobs at home while keeping you sleeping your best.