Mattress Care and Durability

Can I use my old foundation for a new mattress?

At Paramount, our mattresses are designed to work with the appropriate foundation. This ensures your comfort and the longevity of the sleep set. Of course, you can purchase the mattress only, but we do not recommend doing so. An old foundation could prevent you from getting the most out of your mattress and could potentially void parts of your warranty.

So, what is the best foundation to use on my new sleep set?  Most importantly, you should use a sturdy frame. An extra center support is required to ensure complete Paramount warranty compliance for your queen or king-size mattress. Below are some images of proper framing.


How do I carry or move a mattress?

It is best if two people carry your mattress. This makes the mattress easier to handle and reduces the likelihood of damage. Be careful not to bend or fold your mattress more than 20 inches as this could damage your innerspring. Foam beds can be bent at a higher degree than innerspring products, so make sure you know what type of mattress design you purchased.

Is there any special care for a mattress?

Follow the mattress care instructions on your warranty.

How do I prevent my mattress from sagging?

By using a proper frame and foundation, you can prevent your mattress from sagging.

How do I clean a mattress? To prevent soiling of your mattress, you should always keep it protected with a mattress pad and sheets. However, cleaning your mattress is simple. The best method is to use a vacuum to remove dirt, dander, etc. Don’t ever soak your mattress or use harsh chemicals to clean it. If needed, you may gently spot clean with mild soap and cold water.

How long should we expect a sleep set to last and how do I make it last longer?

The majority of mattresses are designed to last 8 to 10 years although, at Paramount, we have some designs that can last longer. Remember, changes to your body and/or changes to your life (marriage, children, relocation, etc.) might require you to change your mattress more frequently. But, if you buy a Paramount Sleep mattress and follow the warranty and product care instructions, your mattress should have a long life.

How do I discard my old sleep set? Most retailers have options to help you dispose of your old mattress. You also can visit for a complete list of mattress recycling facilities.  For more information on the value of a quality sleep system and the importance of sleep, please visit the International Sleep Products Association.