Sleeping is cool again with Paramount Sleep Back Performance Gel mattresses

Posted on October 20, 2011  |  Permalink

NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 20, 2011— Sleeping just got a whole lot cooler. Paramount Sleep’s new Back Performance Gel mattresses feature “cool sleep” technology that keeps the body cool and comfortable. By adding Gel beads to Memory Foam, Gel mattresses provide additional layers of support, pressure relief and temperature control.

“People who lead an active lifestyle have benefitted from the performance power of Gel for years,” said Richard Fleck, chief marketing officer of Paramount Sleep. “We think it makes perfect sense to use cooling, supportive Gel where you need it most—in your mattress.”

According to sleep evangelist Dr. James Maas, “65 degrees is the ideal sleeping temperature. A sleep environment that is too warm can induce nightmares as neural activity in the brain will increase in intensity and duration as body temperature rises.”

All Back Performance Gel mattresses offer breathable Memory Foam with Gel and a Feran Ice fabric treatment to wick away moisture. Three distinct models allow for a choice of features.

Back Performance MX Gel—A progressive all-foam mattress with cooling Gel that offers ultimate head-to-toe pressure relief and orthopedic support, while a high density soy core provides years of eco-friendly durability

Back Performance PS Gel—A totally new designed premium foam-encased pocket spring mattress that delivers incredible support and a seating edge that eliminates edge roll-off, while cooling Gel Memory Foam creates a cushioning effect to absorb body pressure

Back Performance FE Gel—An incredible foam-encased value that uses a Back Performance 460 coil construction with cooling Gel Lumbar that delivers incredible support and a seating edge that eliminates edge roll-off, while cushioning and absorbing body pressure

Paramount’s Back Performance mattresses offer a balanced combination of comfort and support for active lifestyles. Advanced coil technologies provide proper posture alignment for a healthy spine while layers of premium zoned foam and Memory Foam respond to the body with pressure-relieving comfort for deep, restorative sleep.

About Paramount Sleep
Paramount Sleep is truly a company of bedding people, dedicated to carrying on its legacy of integrity, innovation and American made craftsmanship for more than 80 years.  The company’s mattress lines include: A.H. Beard, Back Performance, Boutique Hotel, HD, Nature’s Spa, Quilt o Pedic, and Sleep for Success.